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Feb 22, 2019

In this podcast, we talk to Afton Halloran, PhD., a leading voice in sustainable food systems and expert in novel foods.

In this thoroughly interesting conversation, we discuss new foods (also Novel Foods/Future Foods) and the factors surrounding their rising impact in the sector.

We're also joined by Dr Tatiana LeGrand, a Lead Coordinator here at Agribusiness Academy.

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** About Afton Halloran, PhD. **

Originally from Vancouver Island, Canada, Afton considers herself a global citizen. Her research, work, and curiosity has taken her to different corners of the world. She currently resides in Copenhagen but has also lived in Tanzania, Japan, Norway, Uganda and Italy.

Afton’s latest work is at the Nordic Council of Ministers where she is an External Consultant at the Nordic Food Policy Lab. She is the Editor-in-Chief of the Solutions Menu: A Nordic Guide to Sustainable Food Policy. Afton also runs her own consultancy where she advises intergovernmental organizations, companies and NGOs on issues related to sustainable food systems, including future foods, the social impacts of food production, food culture/gastronomy and sustainable diets.