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Agribusiness Academy Podcast

Apr 5, 2019

In this episode, we're joined by Abhilash Thirupathy, a serial entreprenuer and co-founder of Goldfarm with his business partner, Karthic Ravindranath.

Goldfarm is based on what is being referred to in India as a 'Farming as a Service' model, with the aim to provide farmers with access to book any farm equipment according to their requirement through a mobile application and a call centre service.

We'll take a look at their business model, some of their challenges to date and opportunities for the future. We're also joined by Dr Vijayender Nalla, Co-Founder of Agribusiness Academy, to give some additional insights into this intriguing business.

**About Goldfarm**

"People are moving out of agriculture due to lack of empowerment. We want more and more of the present generation to take up agriculture as a profession. That's why we started Gold Farm. From a 2 People startup we have grown to a 100 people company. Now Gold Farm is one of the fastest growing agri companies in India. So far we have touched the lives of thousands of farmers across india by converting 7500+ hectares of barren into cultivable land thus bringing happiness and prosperity to farmer. 

Our goal is to provide farmers with products and services through a convenient platform and have a positive impact on their lives."